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  • We are growers of natural food and tea products offering affordably priced teas and superfoods that can help you live a healthier life. 

  • We also offer the following cuisines:
  • Jollof Rice with Stew Gravy
  • Okra Stew on Moringa Leaf Rice or Hibiscus Leaf Rice
  • Cassava Leaf Sauce on Moringa Leaf Rice or Hibiscus Leaf Rice
  • Stew Gravy on Moringa Leaf Rice or Hibiscus Leaf Rice

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Bagged Teas

Cold Drinks
Foods - Ready to Eat

6 Key Benefits of Herbal Tea

Let the food you eat be your best medication and the medication you take be your best food

Improves digestion and detoxifies your body


Fights the common cold


Anti-aging and skin health properties


Organic Papaya Leaf & Ginger Root Herbal Tea


Provides an immune system boost thanks to antioxidant & vitamin content


Helps calm your mind and body


Blood pressure reduction

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 Vmartdiscount Inc DBA Vincent Farms Natural Foods was born out of the founder’s (Henry) appreciation for natural and organic foods, and passion for helping others live healthier lives. It's known that certain organic food products - including leaves, herbs, and supplements - can help people in different ways. This is why we use the highest quality raw materials in our products, including organic leaves, herbs and extracts, whole foods, etc. 

Our leaf and herbal products are produced using natural & low-temperature drying processes to retain vital nutrients. They're also free of preservatives and colorants. Through these efforts, we hope to pass along nature’s best to you... one cup at a time.

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