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Vmartdiscount, Inc. dba Vincent Farms Natural Foods

Vmartdiscount, Inc. was founded by Dr. Henry Vincent, a physicist and business executive who started the first nationally recognized minority-owned Insurance Auditing, Loss Prevention and Loss Control Engineering company in March 1989. Incorporated in New York, NY, the daily business activities involved auditing and safety inspections of a wide variety of industries including several mega farms across the United States. Through this experience, Henry grew to appreciate natural and organic food products and sought to learn more these products during his interactions with various professionals he met over the years. He soon began to learn how certain organic food products - including leaves, herbs, and supplements - helped people in different ways. Henry quickly gained a passion for helping the human race become healthy.

After years of gaining insights from food industry and also alternative medicine professionals, he decided to use his many years of field experience and desire to create Vmartdiscount’s own brand of organic tea products & supplements with the help of his daughter, Nemahun Vincent. Nemahun is a graduate of New York University. Her younger brother, H-Soba Vincent, is a Mechanical Engineer who completed his Master's at Boston University's College of Engineering. H-Soba is responsible for the web design, programming, and updates for the company.

Vmartdiscount’s research team and employees use the highest quality raw materials in the production of all our products, including organic leaves, herbs and extracts, whole foods, etc.

The finest raw materials go into the development of each and every product we make. Our team strives to offer a wide variety of the most innovative, cutting edge tea products & other organic food products available. These efforts support our number one priority: our customers' good health and satisfaction.

We manufacture our organic leaf & herbal products using natural & low-temperature drying processes. These potent leaves are hand harvested in a timely manner from our farms and dried immediately after harvest. As such, we ensure the retention of vital nutrients in our leaf & herbal products during the drying and powdering process. As we do not use any artificial or mechanical high heating during the manufacturing process, our products possess rich nutritional health benefits. They are free of any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or coloring agents. Our organic farming process does not involve the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We grow and procure leaves from naturally-enriched soil organic farms situated in Sierra Leone and other countries.

During manufacturing, we scrutinize all processes. These include grading, seeding, tree growing, harvesting, processing (includes cleaning, drying, & powdering), and packaging. We make sure our products meet international standards, implement hygienic practices, and keep moisture content low; all without utilizing synthetic chemicals at any of these stages. We also do not use irradiation or chemical sterilization methods for marketing purposes.

Some highlights of our production process:

  • Hand-picked products
  • Products grown in our own farms without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • Products packaged in New York, USA


We strongly believe that you will grow to enjoy our products once you begin to experience their quality and unadulterated taste.

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